Parcel Natal Bandung Golden Delight

Rp 650,000 Rp 625,000

What’s inside :

Fererro Rocher 62 gr
Van Houten Almond 90 gr
Goodtime Assorted Tin 190 gr
Fox 180 gr
Pringless 110 gr
Premier Salute Sparkling 750 ml
Luwak White Coffee 100 gr
Nissin Wafer Strawberry 110 gr
Monde Soft Pie 80 gr
Nissin Supero Cracker 100 gr
Biskoto Potato 400 gr
Monde Soft Pie 105 gr
Oishi Pillow 130 gr
Wonderland Assorted 300 gr
Lotte Chocopie 168 gr

Exclusive Gift Basket
Christmas Decoration


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