Parcel Natal Ekslusif Delight

Rp 1,500,000

What’s Inside :

Hampton Chocolate Almond 180 gr
Fererro Rocher 100 gr
Nescafe White Coffee 240 gr
Cavendish Harvey 200 gr
Alfredo Jar Special Pack
The Belgian Chocolate 250 gr
J & W Sparkling 750 ml
Monde Serena Eggroll 168 gr
Lipton English Breakfast Tea 15’s
Good Time Mini Cookies 45 gr
Pringles Original 110 gr
Monde Butter Cookies 345 gr
Tomorion Goute Crackers 288 gr
Delfi Almond 100 gr
Wonderland Assorted Biscuit 300 gr
Nestle Cornflakes 275 gr

Free Delivery to all Jakarta, Bekasi and Cikarang areas. Only IDR 35.000 delivery charge to Bogor, Tangerang, and Depok. Please visit our Shipping & Handling page for details shipping fee.





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