Parcel Natal Special Moment C

Rp 850,000

What’s inside:

Royal Choice 480 gr
Oreo Selection
Delfi Chic Choc
Cookies Castengle 400 gr
Cookies Nastar 400 gr
Ritz Cracker 300 gr
Wonderland Assorted 300 gr
ABC Special Grade 580 ml
Monde Genji Pie 85 gr
Pringles mini
My Taste Kernel Corn 410 gr
Rauch Ace 200 ml
Mariza Strawberry Topping 200 gr
Fox Fruit Can 180 gr
Nescafe Original 3in1 175 gr
Yuzu Tea 350 ml
Monde Butter Cookies 90 gr
Medium Mugs 2 pcs
High Quality Giftbox
Christmas Decoration
Free Greeting Card


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