Hari Raya Hampers : Luxurious Selection A

Rp 1,550,000

Ferero 300gr
Royal Choice 980gr
Alfredo Almond 180gr
Delfi oreon
Diasweet 150gr
Outbis Havermount 142gr
Kernel 410gr
Ever Delicious 150gr
Nescafe Classic 100gr
Dilmah Pappermint 30gr
Nissin Coconut Kaleng 700gr
Nuttela 200gr
Cavendish 200gr
Wonderland Butter
Genji Pie Box
Fox 180gr
Custas Delfi 138gr
Hampton Crispy 160gr
Serena Egg Rol 168gr
Pringles 110gr
Oreo Mini 67gr
Butter Cookies
J&W Sparkling 750ml
Exclusive Gift Box
Free Greeting Card


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