Hari Raya Hampers : Luxurious Selection C

Rp 2,550,000

What’s inside:

Medium Coffee Maker
Premium Plate Set
Ferero Rocher 300gr
Cavendish Harvey 200gr
Royal Choice Butter Cookies 480gr
Monde Butter 960gr
Nuttela Chocolate Jam
Serena Broniz
Pepperidge Pirroute
Hempton Almond
Pringles 110 gr
Chateau Premier Red Grape 750ml
My Taste Kernel Corn 410gr
Nescafe Classic Jar 200gr
Loacker Gran Pasticceria 100gr
Diasweet Sweetener 150gr
Delfi Take It 37gr
Delfi Nockers 45gr
Delfi Zap 42 gr
Delfi Treasure
Monde Chocochip
Hersye Kisses Chocolate
Homemade Kastengel Cookies 250gr
Homemade Nastar Cookies 250gr
Herba Drink
Serena Egg roll 55gr
Dilmah pappermint 30gr
Nissin Butter 330gr
Nissin Wafer 330gr
Butter Cookies
Kokita Rendang 250gr
Van Houten Chocolate 90 gr
Exclusive Gift Box
Free Greeting Card


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